The general nature and purpose of this ministry shall be to proclaim earnestly the gospel message and to urge its acceptance. The gospel message shall be proclaimed by means of:


LOCAL CHURCH EVANGELISM - We provide a channel through which local churches can throw out the lifeline of hope to those in coastal areas world-wide. This is done through special conferences and seminars designed to train and challenge others by A.W. Mund, a converted commercial fisherman. Inland churches also have an opportunity to be challenged by this great mission need.


CORRESPONDENCE COURSES - We also have a correspondence ministry for follow-up called FOMM "C" School. These courses are called "Anchors of the Faith."


PERSONAL EVANGELISM - It is good to meet men on a one-to-one basis. In special meetings or conferences, A.W. Mund will go with anyone desiring to visit vessels, dock areas, streets or door-to-door anywhere.


MISSION RADIO EVANGELISM - Fishers of Men Ministries International produces radio programs called "The Mariner's Call" and "A Fisherman's 5-Minute Look at the Book." These programs are aired in seacoast areas around the world. New stations are added as the work grows in support, casting the Word aross the waves! These broadcasts are available as a podcast here.